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buryyourdemons's Journal

Sabaku no Gaara
Name: Sabaku no Gaara
"Real" Name: Madoka Surei.
Room Number: M35.
Roommate: Aoyagi Ritsuka.
Age: 13.
Hair Color: Red.
Eye Color: Pale green.
Height: 4'10".
Other Characteristics: Has a red bright "tattoo" of the kanji for love on the left side of his forehead, no eyebrows, and prominent dark rings around his eyes.

Main Language: Naruto-ian?

Patient since: Night 50.
Current Physical Status: Fine.
Current Power Limitations: Can create a gallon of sand a night from outside minerals in the earth. Once he has sand in his possession he can, A, create a defensive barrier that will hold for one minute in place, but otherwise could be broken through with strong force, and B, and offensive attack which would have slightly more than the strength of an adult punch. This could only extend five feet and could be blocked or broken.
Current Belongings: Starter kit.

Informational Link: Seen here.
Series: Naruto.
Taken from: After the fight with Kimimaru, in the Sasuke Retrieval Arc.

[icons are taken from all points in storyline.]

Landel's Damned ; player; other characters: Renamon ; Senna ; Albedo ; Rei